Day & Night

Music can be easy and take a sudden turn into something difficult and it can also be difficult and transform into something easy and sometimes you can be stuck in one place for ten, twenty days or have music flowing out of you in ten minutes or so. Hmm…I’ve been doing music for the most […]

Words of Power

Hello. it’s so cold, right? I wonder if you’re all doing well. It seems like I debuted just yesterday, but it’s been my first year as a singer. It’s still so hard to believe what I only dreamt of has come true, though it’d sound funny, I feel like I’m living in a dream. It’s […]

Live By Love

Wow. It’s only been five months and I’m already out with my second release! I can’t sleep seeing how everyone is enjoying and listening to my music. Music is about enjoying, thank you for enjoying it. I will repay you with good music and performances. Stay tuned for the future! ❤

Catching Stars To Keep

It was a crazily busy week. I feel like I was not able to thank you properly so I’m writing this while lying on the bed. It was a week where I got consoled by your letters and words to me. I felt more assured that I can become a better person and that I […]

Trigger The Fever

Really thank you!! After many up and downs, finally, the first album has been published. Before publishing, I wanted to write many times, but I was worried about being unable to express it without misunderstanding…I’ve also realized the more important people are to you or the more time goes by, the more difficult it will […]

u & i

It’s amazing how supportive you all are even before my debut. Really, every passing day is just my hoping that the album will be released as soon as possible. I’m sorry that there are still a few things that need to be edited and mixed. Anyway, it’s already the new year… [death tw] that’s right. […]