161106 ambrosia


ahh! my all time favourite medium to work with. watercolour!! the best thing about it is how forgiving it is. it is still a wonder to me haha. this is the first time i have ever attempted bottles and i think it turned out a lot better than i expected. i guess you could say i’m a quick learner? i don’t know but i do know this piece was very fun to create.

ps. i got to show off the stunning japanese wine bottle set i purchased during my trip to japan that summer. which is nice!

pps. watercolour colouring never does me wrong, which is also another huge reason i love it so much.


160309 all the right wrongs


this acrylic piece is probably by far my favourite. this is mainly because it was inspired by pablo picasso, and therefore looks like it needs to be decoded in order for it to be able to look plausible. which…istrue! using this high maintenance tape method to ensure the lines would come out crisp and looking like proper triangles,  between all is a boy wearing a beanie and a backpack! can you spot it? i have only met one (1) person who has been able to see the image only after i told them about it. thus, it would make sense if you cannot see it. another cool aspect is how the beanie is textured. but anyway. yes this is definitely a favourite!

ps. i named it all the right wrongs because of how imperfect it is, yet it looks exactly how i wanted it to look.

pps. i am basically a walking contradiction please don’t mind me…

160901 proximal glitch

this is a piece where i really went out of my comfort zone to try out oil paint, a completely different medium. i wanted to portray my favourite quote, “because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest”, into an art form. amidst the dark, gloomy clouds, is the clear and hopeful skyline.